Associate Professor Chatchawit Aporntewan, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science


Postdoctoral Fellow Yale University
D.Eng. (Computer Eng.) Chulalongkorn University
M.Eng. (Computer Eng.) Chulalongkorn University
B.Eng. (Computer Eng.) Chulalongkorn University

Research Interest

Bioinformatics as a primary scientific role in asking and answering questions on human health, diseases, and basic research as well as a secondary support role in computing infrastructure for omics experiments.

Research Overview

I am interested in making a new biological discovery by integrating big data. This includes all omics and epigenetic data such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and DNA methylation. In contrast to the hypothesis-driven research, my approach is computational and more driven by data. The highlight of current research is the functional identification of mononucleotide A-repeats on gene promoters. My specific interests include microsatellites or tandem repeats as well as interspersed sequences both in biological and computational aspects. Research works on genetics and epigenetics of human diseases are the joint collaboration with Prof. Apiwat Mutirangura (MD, PhD) and Dr. Chanida Vinayanuwattikun (MD, PhD), Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. Research works on genetic epidemiology are the joint collaboration with Assoc.Prof. Nachol Chaiyaratana (PhD), Department of Electrical Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok.

Representative Publications Overview